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Tales at Twilight

All your favourite old time radio shows
Dragnet,Boston BlackieGunsmoke,Cisco Kid
Harry Lime,The Saint,Sherlock Holmes,Richard Diamond
.....and a whole lot more.
Relive the Golden Age of Radio.

Listen live Tales at Twilight on CCR946FM

A similar show After Dark
Saturday 11pm to 1am on CRCFM Ireland

Listen live After Dark on CRCFM

Below are a selection of each show for you to Download and Save to start your own collection.

Tales at Twilight DOWNLOADS

programme 79         programme 80

programme 81         programme 82

After Dark shows to DOWNLOAD and SAVE

After Dark show 106        After Dark show 107

you can LISTEN to ALL the shows you missed by clicking on the link below

ALL Previous Tales at Twilight shows

All previous After Dark Shows


You may also enjoy
The Pyjama Staircase

Mellow,easy listening tunes to wind down your weekend.

Listen Live to The Pyjama Staircase on CRCFM

Listen to a selection of < previously aired Pyjama Staircase shows

ALL Previous Pyjama Staircase shows

The Mystery Train
is a musical journey where we have no idea where we're going
down the tracks,through the genres,and all around the world.
but wherever we go.....that's where we're gonna be.

you can hear the Mystery Train on CRCFM Ireland
Sunday 5pm,

Mystery Train listen live CRCFM

listen to previously aired shows here ALL Previous Mystery Train shows from CRCFM

you can also hear the Mystery Train on CCR946FM (claremorris)
Tuesday 8pm, < (repeated Noon Friday)
its a whole different journey.

Mystery Train Listen live on CCR946FM

listen to previously aired shows here All Previous Mystery Train shows CCR946FM

Storytime Express
is an hour long childrens radio show
all your favourite classic stories,myths and legends from around the world
suitable for children age 2 to 8 plus.
you can hear previous shows using the link below Previous Storytime Express shows"hr"> <
you may also enjoy
Resources for children

if the kids are getting cabin fever
you can find all their favourite stories, to read,listen....and download for free on

Storybud childrens story website

Storytime Express was an hour long radio programme
aired on CRCFM


While the programme has now finished its run on the station

use the link below to hear previously aired shows (changed regularily)

Storytime Express website.

and previously aired shows can also be heard on Mixcloud

Storytime Express on Mixcloud

Other resources to prevent cabin fever
is a website that contains a massive amount of audio material in the public domain. e.g. childrens stories, adult classics, lectures from the schools and colleges .....and way more.the site has tons of stuff and it is absolutely free to download

Project Gutenberg
is like librivox but instead of audio you can get thousands of texts. There are dozens of different categories of books for children and adults available to download completely free.

this is a public domain site where you can get all your favourite old time radio shows going back as far as the 1930s. you can download files individuallly or as a collection. it has other stuff too such as famous speechs and a whole lot more I hav'nt even discovered yet. all the material is available to download free. this one is a real treasure trove if you love old time radio

Enjoy and please share with all your contacts

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